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Founder, Aries Jordan


All youth have access to experiences and growth opportunities that prepare them to be compassionate global leaders

that positively impact generations to come

Our Story
In 2011 Urban Youth Ambassadors was founded  on the belief that exposure to different cultures and travel beyond familiar neighborhood turfs haves the power to expand one's world view, enhance intercultural understanding and ignite a passion for social change locally and abroad. Birthed by a profound study abroad experience in which Founder Aries Jordan discovered her voice and role as a cultural ambassador. She traveled on The Scholar Ship by sea traveling to 12 countries in 4 months. The lack of representation  of students from African descent within program inspired Aries’s advocacy for  increased  access and diversity  in global education and international programs.  Since UYA  has partnered  with K-12 educators, teachers, after school providers and non profits in the Bay area, India and New York to equip urban youth with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for success and to actively engage their global community as Urban Youth Ambassadors.


Urban Youth Ambassadors works to increase exposure, access, and representation  of youth from diverse backgrounds in global careers and leadership opportunities

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