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UYA is committed to creating cultural relevant programing that helps to dismantle the social and economic barriers that limit access to international programs and careers

UYA Afterschool

UYA  After School strives to educate and nurture Global Citizens. Through a  variety of enrichment classes students in K- 8 grade develop an appreciation for their own culture and learn to appreciate different cultures. All classes provide youth with an opportunity to explore local gems and the  diversity within their own community.

 UYA Travelers 

Culturally enriching educational trips for home school youth ages 13-15 that broaden global perspective and present growth opportunities for self discovery.  


      UYA Youth Exchange              UYA Youth exchange is a global leadership development program

that  promotes  mutual respect and cultural understanding between youth within the United States. UYA brings youth together using interactive technology, creative arts and culminating face to face meeting to discuss similarities and differences and the global issues that effect both. 


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